Tutorial // Unlimited Undos

Alright!  This’ll be the second tutorial to make the switch.  I know when I first wrote this up it saved a lot of people a lot of time and energy, so have at it!

We’ve all been there – hours into our edits and you stumble upon a mistake that you made just thirty minutes ago.  Unfortunately, the default number of history states that you’re allotted is cut pretty short at 20.  However!  Adobe has also given us a REALLY simple way to get (far) around that number.  This is how:

Edit // Preferences // Performance


Once you have your Performance window open, on the right hand side you’ll see where the number of History States can be increased up to 1,000.  As I’ve been warned before, be careful when changing this number.  The smartest thing to do is bring it up gradually, until you’re positive that your computer is capable of handling it.  Otherwise you do stand the risk of crashing and losing all of your awesome work.

History States

Hit OK and you’re all set to Photoshop worry free!

Haiden Highfield