PS Lessons

B A S I C 

Jade Composer

L$ 5,000 / hour
[ explanation of tools, layers, liquify, fixing clothing, basic highlighting & shading ]

 E X T E N S I V E 

Maggie Willow Fett

L$ 15,000 / hour
[ advanced highlighting and shading, drawing hair/avatar from scratch, lighting effects, background blending ]

 F A Q 

[ what if i have questions after my lesson is finished? ]
• i will, of course, be happy to help you whenever i can! as long as your issue is something covered in your chosen lesson, i’ll be more than willing.

[ do i need a tablet? ]
• ideally, yes, you would have a tablet as well. this is not necessary for basic lessons. extensive lessons do require a tablet of some sort. i highly suggest wacom; i have the medium one and it works perfectly for my uses!

To book an appointment please feel free to message me in-world: Haiden Highfield