B A S I C 

Hemlock BA

1 x single :: L$ 5,000
hand drawn hair from scratch, skin touch-ups, lighting effects, highlighting & shading, fixed clothing & body parts ]

E X T E N S I V E 

Maggie Willow Fett Before And After

1 x single :: L$ 10,000
hand drawn hair from scratch, hand drawn avatar from scratch, lighting effects, detailed highlighting & shading ; hand drawn clothes upon request ]

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If you own a strip/escort club, please contact me directly by leaving me a message or notecard in-world. I’ll be happy to work out a discount with you and your girls so that everyone’s satisfied!

Price: TBD Upon Request

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PANIK - Kawaii Coat Ad

Store owners! If you’d like me to do your vendor pictures from here on out, please feel free to contact me by message or by leaving me a notecard in-world. I’ll be more than happy to work out a deal between the two of us!

Price: TBD Upon Request